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We are Children's Multimedia studio. The studio is now functioning at the Centre of creative development & Arts education «Na Vasilievskom».

We are a state educational establishment for children. Starting from 2008, we have worked out, implemented and continued development of the conception of the children's education in media design, animation and computer literacy in information technologies. The Complex Multimedia-Art Program (M-Art) of our studio includes 10 licensed original programs such as Traditional animation, Media-design, Typography, Basics of computer literacy, and many others. Nowadays the studies are held by 8 licensed original programs in two stages. The disciplines are interconnected into the integral complex and refer to different age categories. This Complex Multimedia Program is scheduled for 5 years of a continuous education of children from 11-12 to 16-17 years old.





The multimedia movie «Duma» was thought by «M-Art» Children's Multimedia Studio to the 200th anniversary of the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov.


Multimedia film of the Presidential Library, with participation of the studio «M-Art». The film is dedicated to educational traditions and principles of the Imperial House of Romanov family.


Multimedia project by studio «M-Art» with support of the Presidential Library. The project is a continuation of the presentation of «WORD-MEANING. КУЛЬТУРА = CULTURA 2013». Subject of study — provenance ALPHABET: Phoenician, Greek, Latin and Cyrillic. As well as animation idioms.


Multimedia project «WORD-MEANING. CULTURE = CULTURA». Version of 2013 year.

«The Red Book II 2013»

The multimedia film ​​based on interactive eBook «The Red Book 2013», which created children's team of first year of training in the studio.

«We are 5!»

A short film presentation, telling the programs, projects, achievements and creative team of the studio since its existence — 2008 year. Film show was held June 5, 2013 at celebration the Jubilee of studio in the Presidential Library on the «Festival of multimedia»

Team: Olga Kostiuchenko, Olga Belyaeva, Petr Nikolaev


Small film-essay on «environmental» theme. For 3 minutes 57 seconds we talk about a hard fate of trees. At the end of the film the tree chooses life. How to choose? Watch our film…


The film was made of extant diaries of survivors of Leningrad siege by Nazis during World War II and modern reflections in essays – by the studio's students. The basis of the film is a classification of emotional states of the notion – the Leningrad siege, made of the real story of the survivor N. V. Zhrelova.

The mission of the film was in an informal way to understanding the notion «What was the seige like?». We learn it through understanding and comparision of the emotional state of survivors and their relatives today, through emotional analysis and deep inner associations of each one who remembers and ones who was lucky to know, what was the Leningrad siege like. These states are hunger and horror, cold, diseases, surrounding death and every day filled with the expectation of something bad to happen. But all in all, the rebirth and life in the end.


Multimedia project of Children's Multimedia Studio «M-Art» Center «Na Vasilievskom» supported by the Spanish Cultural Centre for Education and Business in St. Petersburg


Proyecto conjunto del IC San Petersburgo, Centro español de cultura y educación y del Estudio infantil de diseño multimedia «M-Art» del Centro estatal de educación infantil complementaria y creativa en la Isla Vasilievskii de San Petersburgo.

La lengua rusa y la lengua española comparten un considerable número de palabras que se pronuncian de la misma forma y que tienen el mismo significado. Si comparamos el léxico de ambas lenguas, encontramos palabras idénticas en cuanto a su forma fonética y similares en su aspecto gráfico, diferenciándose meramente en la acentuación o en el sonido específico de algunas vocales o consonantes. El hecho de que existan palabras comunes en diferentes lenguas responde, entre otros, a determinados factores históricos. Tal es el caso del origen común de algunas palabras, así como la comunicación diaria y cultural de pueblos con diferentes lenguas. A lo largo de su historia, un gran número de lenguas europeas ha ido asimilando en gran medida vocablos tomados del griego y del latín debido especialmente al surgimiento de nuevos conceptos derivados del desarrollo del Estado y la sucesiva aparición de nuevas formas de relaciones sociales, así como del avance científico y técnico, entre otros.Retomando nuestra comparación entre el léxico ruso y el español, constatamos que, si bien es cierto que existen palabras con el mismo significado, el sentido de éste puede adquirir diferentes matices según la mentalidad de las personas. A modo de ejemplo, un hablante nativo de ruso asociaría automáticamente la palabra «pionero» con la organización política juvenil, mientras que a un hablante nativo de español, lo primero que se le vendría a la mente sería, seguramente, algún famoso inventor o descubridor. Sin embargo, existe una palabra cuyo sentido es idéntico para los rusos y los españoles. Se trata de la palabra «cultura», «культура» en cirílico. Así pues, el principal objetivo de nuestro proyecto común estriba en exponer, mediante la presentación de animaciones, analogías y divergencias conceptuales de palabras que suenan igual tanto en español como en ruso.


The name of the film «Lessons of loyalty and love. Saint Blessed Ksenia» is dictated by the subject of the contest of 2011 year, which was held by Saint Petersburg eparchy of Moscow Patriarchy of Russian Orthodox Church.

The subject of the film is built on description of life of Saint Blessed Ksenia starting from childhood and youth, and also stories about the most known predictions, posthumous miracles, connected with the name of the saint patroness of Saint Petersburg. The video subjects, in which studio’s children tell about the time and place where narration of the film is developing, are combined with animation. With help of multimedia technologies and skills of young animators and their teachers, brilliantly made old engravings of Russian artists A.F. Zubov and M.I. Makhaev are becoming alive. Pictures of Saint Petersburg of 18th century with it’s poor edges and majestic center succeed each other in shades of sepia and ocher inside the window of old hurdy-gurdy.


«Green Parables» are 9 short animated stories, showing human nature and meaning of human actions in space and time. A parable through which every author sincerely and not boggling is showing the depth of his very own experiences, thinking about the world surround. By the ways of media design, integrating in itself all the key aspects impacting the consciousness of human: music, color, appearance, composition, space and motion, drawn parables are becoming alive. As traditional single-frame animation, so new digital capabilities of motion creating have been used while creating the film.

Not only characters but the nature itself are acting in the animated stories.

The environment, in which the main character of the story is living, is shaping the image and the idea of the parable in general, every of which is ending with a dictum, expressing the meaning, the morality of the parable: «Life goes away so fast as if it’s not interesting with us».


The Earth is rotating on the screen through the whole film. One by one the characters are walking by, sending their ideas and emotions to the space. Personalization of the animated image is based on an arm and two moving fingers imitating individual gait. To enhance the image every finger is worn in a shoe, which is chosen by the author according to his taste. As a result we get unique animated characters, in united style, and every character is a part of the entire film. Animation technique is mixed. Single frame animation is combined with graphical images and fonts.


12 children tell about fates of their grandmothers and grandfathers Great Patriotic War veterans. 12 stories about the way beautiful young people, full of energy, plans about the future and simply desire to live were going to war, parting with ones they loved. Many of them didn’t come back…




From since opening in 2008, the studio was a participant of many Russian and international conferences, festivals, competitions

The studio was a participant and organizer of more than 10 International and Russian projects with organizations such as: French Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Exhibition «World of Stone», Hermitage, Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia, Children's Environmental Center «Water canal», Children's TV channel «Smile of a Child», Presidential Library, Spanish Culture Center of Education and Business in St. Petersburg.

Winner of the exhibition and competition — an international forum «Art City»; winner of the City festival for children and youth interactive art «Your Choice»; winner of the City competition «Lessons of loyalty and love» from department of religious education and catechesis of Saint-Petersburg Metropolitan and Department of Education of Saint-Petersburg; not a one-time medalist at the International Environmental Film Festival «Green Vision», 2011, 2012, 2013; twice winner International competition «School patent — step into the Future» 2013, 2014; winner International competition «Book.Word.Letter», 2013; winner International competition «IT-Arkhangelsk-2013»; special prize for the best one-minute animated film at the 14th International Short Film Festival «The Unprecedented Cinema-2014»; winner in the category of multimedia contest «Human Rights and Tolerance» 2014; winner of the contest «70 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War» 2015; multimedia films of studio became part of the best films of the All-Russian literary festival «Literature and Cinema for Children» 2014, 2015;



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«The Feast of multimedia» June 5, 2013 The anniversary presentation in the Presidential Library of the best multimedia works by graduates of studio.


Presentstion of multimedia project «WORD-MEANING. CULTURE=CULTURA» by Children's Multimedia Studio, functioning at Center of CD & AE «Na Vasilievskom», supported by Spanish Center of Culture, Education, Business and Tourism in Saint Petersburg at the building of Spanish Center.

Studio's students, working on project «HEAR ME!»





Olga Kostyuchenko

Head of the studio


Petr Nikolaev

Curator of the direction of Web Design



Russia, 199155, Saint-Petersburg, Nalichnay Street, home 48, Children's Multimedia studio «M-Art»



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